Social Renewal Operational Programme 3.2.4-09/1-2010-0018
Our library  received an amount of 10,775.723 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting HUF from SROP-3.2.4-09 "Tudásdepó-Express" – tender. The amount was a single, non-reimbursable EU subsidy.
The title of the tenderis:
"The development of the school library, making it able to function as a base of learning, knowledge and  modern information being equally available for everyone without any importance of the place of residence”

The tender will include the design and development of a library database, and of an interactive multi-language web site,  education and development of programs for reading culture. These are planned to be related to special days connected to reading and  the library, e.g. Folk Tales Day, International Day of School Libraries, Christmas, The Day of Hungarian Culture and Poetry, etc.
Variety of different forms of work will be associated to individual events, for example. Mesekuckó (reading tales), story dramatization, story quizzes,

making book reviews, reading competitions, book exhibitions, writer-reader meetings, reading circles  held weekly, courses for the development of the digital competence, etc..
Duration: 01.09.2010.  -  31.08.2011.