Our library as an integral part of the school system  helps its educational programs.
Its collection contains all the information media for the benefit of educational activities.
Our library contains: 20,000 books, 782 non-printed documents,  62 periodicals.
It has an area of ​​126 m2. 38 people can work here simultaneously. 100% of the books and other documents are on shelves.
Technical equipment: 9 personal computers (one of these in the library and eight int he reading room), a printer, a CD player,  a VCR, a CD-DVD player, a projector and a  home theatre system.
Pupils number 606,  teachers 62. Each member of our school makes use of the library service, the students’ book rental is 60%. Nowadays, an important task of our school is to help learners develop a fast and efficient information retrieval and application of skills and abilities, for which the library is a corresponding basis.
School lessons,  study circles, talent developing programs, individual development classes will take place in the library, as all these activities require a bookstore environment or can benefit from technical infrastructure of the library: The can use computers, computer training programs, the Internet, television, videos or DVDs. All of these programs can ensure a high-quality usability for a whole class by the use of the projector.
The online catalogue of our library is made by using  the Siren integrated library software. The catalogue and also some other pieces of useful information are available on our website.